Smartadvance an online credit provider

Through our online brand, nifty, customers can apply for simple safe online credit up to R12 000 with flexible, affordable repayment terms.

Smartadvance an online credit provider

Smartadvance an online credit provider that uses technology combined with artificial intelligence to not only extend credit to our customers when and where they need it, but strive to help our customers make financially sound decisions for the long term.

About smartadvance

With secondary operations in Eswatini and Namibia, smartadvance South Africa forms part of the Finclusion Group.

It is our goal to empower consumers to achieve financial health. By providing smartadvance clients with educational tools as well as access to their personal data, smartadvance aims to enable clients to make financially sound decisions.

Through a brand that people trust, a product that is easy to use, state of the art technology and customer insight, we strive to provide a unique experience that helps take people on a journey of financial health and growth.

availabe devices

120 000


750 287


R2.1 billion


Why we do what we do

We are committed to the financial well-being of our customers. As a responsible lender, registered and regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), we abide by the laws to ensure that our customers are treated with respect and transparency at all times. At smartadvance, every loan is treated as a new one and each will undergo the necessary steps to ensure the full protection of our clients.

State of the South African market

As smartadvance in South Africa, we have spent 2019, positioning the portfolio and the business to be able to absorb any downturn in consumer fortune, as well as to make the most of the opportunity that normally emerges in these periods – bearing in mind that real consumer demand does not diminish while supply contracts. What becomes more important is the ability to accurately and pragmatically make sound risk decisions.

As part of this rightsizing, the business has already:

01 | Affordability criteria

Tightened our affordability criteria and process, including aligning sales incentives to the quality of the originated portfolio. There is exposure more to bank transactional data in the decision process as well as factoring some of the more relevant short-term characteristics.

02 | New loan process

Launched our new loan process which automates affordability calculations directly off the bank statement and uses our bespoke AI models to assess and determine risk.

03 | Performing channels

Reduced our exposure to poorly performing channels of business.

04 | Credit scoring

Enhanced the credit scoring models to be more relevant to the current market reality. We have also raised the credit bureau cut-off scores that act as the initial entry point validation.

05 | NPL Porfolio

Disposed of a large portion of our NPL portfolio which was a drag on both performance and collection levels and a detractor of focus on the reality of running the business.

Approval rates over time


52% | 46%


50% | 28%


54% | 35%


51% | 37%

Collection rates over time


73% | 80%


72% | 91%


71% | 91%


72% | 90%



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