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A true fintech can work from anywhere: smartadvance puts technology to the test

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18 March 2020

__The ability to serve our customers from anywhere, anytime has further been tested by the corona pandemic that is changing the way that people live their daily lives.__

At smartadvance we pride ourselves on being able to say that we are a fintech company and the technology that we use and develop enables smartadvance to extend credit to our clients quickly, safely and from anywhere.

The ability to serve our customers some anywhere, anytime has further been tested by the corona pandemic that is changing the way that people live their daily lives and more so how we conduct business; with many company closing their doors, forcing staff to work from home.

smartadvance, part of the Finclusion Group, is an NCR registered credit provider that helps customers manage their money better using personal data and aims to empower customers through financial wellness and education, as well as assist clients through financial services and debt rehabilitation.

The adoption of the Zailab platform in March has been true testament to the capabilities that GetBucks boasts on a day to day basis. With the country wide movement to take our children out of school, stay home, and for many close office doors, smartadvance has followed suit and found that servicing our clients from the comfort of our own homes has been just as easy as sitting in a bustling office.

Zailab is a next-generation cloud-based contact center platform. With the use of AI, Zailab is able to route and prioritise interactions from any channel, any time, allowing companies to be more efficient when it comes to customer engagement, customer retention, sales, and the customer journey.

Fully integrated with the custom-made smartadvance loan platform, Fincloud, the nifty Call Centre, composed of the sales and customer service teams, are able to access Zailab from the safety of their homes, taking care of their families, and are still able to service clients just as they would from the office.

“The health and wellbeing of our staff and their families is our critical priority. Without their hard work, passion and commitment, we would not be able to continue to support our customers and their needs through a great customer experience.” Says Mark Young, smartadvance South Africa CEO

“We are proud to be able to offer our staff a solution to look after themselves and their families by using technology that allows them to work from anywhere, especially during tough times like these. The technology that we create and adopt needs to be able to work for all parties which is clear in times like the Covid-19 outbreak.” Mark Young

Through the use of Office 365’s Teams chat platform, colleagues are able to communicate with the same instant feedback as a face-to-face conversation; the Fincloud platform available through VPN allows staff to access clients loans, create new profiles, approve or decline loans, and with the use of Zailab can make and receive phone calls, access client history, and assist with customer queries as they would from the office, making the work from home policy easy to implement anytime.

“Its times like these that we see the true value of the technology that we develop. With the use of Zailab, smartadvance can allow staff to care for themselves and families as well as continue to deliver fantastic service to their clients.” Says Nour Addine Ayyoub, CEO and Founder of Zailab

Companies around the world should follow suit, unlocking capabilities from technology that can not only streamline business, but prepare companies for even the most challenging circumstances. The beauty of technology is that it is so easily adaptable to any problem or situation.” Concludes Ayyoub