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smartadvance adopts state of the art artificial intelligence communication platform to enhance daily operations.

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03 March 2020

In efforts to streamline internal processes and procedures as well as improve customer experience, GetBucks South Africa will be adopting a new communication platform that will drastically improve daily operations.

From March 2020, smartadvance South Africa will be using a new state of the art cloud-based system, Zailab, that will work as the core communication system for the business, integrating all operational areas into one centralized platform.

smartadvance is an NCR registered credit provider that helps customers manage their money better using personal data and aims to empower customers through financial wellness and education, as well as assist clients through financial services and debt rehabilitation.

smartadvance uses bespoke technology to deliver financial services to customers quickly, easily and safely, giving them a seamless and enjoyable brand experience.

Zailab is a next-generation cloud-based contact center platform. With the use of AI, Zailab is able to route and prioritize interactions from any channel, any time, allowing companies to be more efficient when it comes to customer engagement, customer retention, sales, and the customer journey.

“The adoption of Zailab is a strategic move that will allow smoother communication between departments, improved customer experience and superior customer service delivery to our clients, as well as enhanced reporting to make informed business decisions not only on daily operations but for the longer term vision of the company.” Says Mark Young, CEO of smartadvance South Africa

By partnering with Zailab, smartadvance will be able to work smarter and become more efficient in dealing with customers, having access to previous conversations, sales history of the clients, and even finer detail such as what language the customer prefers being assisted in, all contributing to the exceptional service smartadvance has always delivered, now even better.

“With AI being one of the core drivers of the smartadvance vision and how we deliver products and services, there is a true alignment between Zailab and smartadvance being innovators in the space that we operate. With Zailab, we are able to better equip our entire workforce with the tools they need to assist any customer, be it sales, customer care or general enquiries.” Concludes Young

“By leveraging the resources and AI capabilities from both Zailab and smartadvance, we see great opportunity for both businesses to learn and grow in this space. We are very excited to be collaborating with a company that shares the same technology driven vision, and look forward to enhancing current, and building more relevant innovative solution driven platforms that help create more streamlined businesses in South Africa.” Says Nour Addine Ayyoub, CEO and Founder of Zailab